8 Classic Homework Excuses

At times students find homework to be a hectic exercise. They are not able to complete their assignments on time and they end up with low grades in the class. This is a common problem faced by students all over the world. Actually, most students come up with various excuses as to why they haven’t completed their homework.

Good Excuses for Late Homework

Below we have compiled some of the classic homework excuses students give:

  1. Dog ate my book

Don’t be surprised as a tutor if you hear this excuse from your students, it may sound funny but it’s true! Students often say that dog has eaten their books or papers, so they can’t do any work. It’s better for them to buy new ones rather than wasting money buying expensive textbooks which will never get used again.

  1. I am too tired

This one sounds very familiar to us tutors because we’ve heard it many times before. Most of the students who use this excuse don’t even try doing anything else after school. If you’re feeling sleepy then go home early instead of staying late at college/school. You’ll feel much more refreshed when you wake up the next morning.

  1. My parents won’t let me study alone

This is another popular reason given by students for not completing their homework. Parents usually think that studying without supervision is dangerous. But there are lots of ways through which you can help your child learn how to manage his studies independently. For example, you can set aside certain hours during weekdays where your son/daughter can spend time working on his/her own. Also make sure that you provide him/her with enough materials like books, notes, etc.

  1. I Forgot the Book at Home

This is one of the most popular excuses among students. Many students forget about their books while going out somewhere or just leave them lying around anywhere. So always keep your books close to you and take good care of them. Don’t throw away old books either; recycle them and sell them online.

  1. The Bag Check

Students will pretend to check their bags in search of their homework, whereas actually, they are looking for something else. The bag check is a great way to catch cheaters. Make sure that every student checks his/her bag thoroughly before leaving the classroom.

  1. I’m Too Busy Doing Other Stuff

Many students claim that they are busy doing other kinds of stuff such as playing games, chatting with friends, etc. When asked what exactly they were busy doing, they reply “I was watching TV”. Well, if you really want to watch TV then stay inside your room and enjoy yourself. However, if you need to finish your assignment quickly then stop being lazy and start working hard.

  1. I Couldn’t Understand the Homework

If you ask your students whether they understood the homework properly, most of them would answer no. In fact, most of the students fail to understand the instructions provided in the textbook. So, most of them will end up not doing the homework. Actually, it is a good homework excuse, so the tutor can explain further.

  1. I Didn’t Get Enough Time

Most of the students complain that they didn’t get enough time to complete their homework. This happens mostly due to lack of preparation. They simply rush into writing an essay and expect everything to turn out well. Instead, they should have planned things carefully beforehand. Plan ahead and write down all the steps required to accomplish the task. Then follow those steps step-by-step until completion.

Bottom Line

Homework is important but sometimes it becomes too difficult to do. Students often give different reasons why they failed to complete their assignments. Some of these reasons may be valid, others might sound ridiculous. Whatever the case maybe, never hesitates to tell your teacher about any problem you face. He/she will surely guide you towards finding solutions. Another good option for you is to hire a professional to take my online class for me. Then your homework will be done on time, and you will not be spending time inventing good and bad excuses for yourself.

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